Wordless Wednesday - Sister Cecilia


Above is a postcard I recieved from a relative about "Sister Cecilia" Kondrc.  She is I believe a great aunt of mine, and I have been researching her for a long time.  You would think we the amount of information out about her it would be easy to connect the dots.  As I have said before, I have the LIFE article, I have the book, I still do not have a a copy of the movie "The Deliverance of Sister Cecilia".

Sister Cecilia was born August 8, 1911 in Slovakia, and passed away on January 20, 1895 in Crown Point, Id.  During the communist takeover of Bratislava (and the rest of Slovakia), she helped priests, and nuns escape to free countries.  She finally made it over to America in 1951 I believe.  In the book the mention her brothers and sisters but they used fake names, so its been hard to track her family down. 

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