Tombstone Tueday - David H. Decker

David H. Decker was born Feb 27, 1913 to David J. Decker and Maud
Malinda Jackson in Dunmore, PA. He married Lois M. Palmer May 14 1938
probally in Dunmore, PA (unsure at this time). David H. Decker passed
away April 24, 1982 in Boyton Beach, FL. I really don't know much about
his life, I believe he may have also worked on the Erie Railroad. Lois
M Palmer passed away Dec 30 1995 probally in Dunmore, PA. Unsure of
this at this time also.
David H. Decker is one of my Grandfather's brother, and I was named
after him, or after my great grandfather, depends on who you ask these

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