New updates for

Over at the forums for they have new addition's to thier website.  They are more then likely for the PRO users but I wanted to get it out so everyone is aware.

Advanced Search Interface
The first option lets you search names using soundex or metaphone to find profiles with alternate spellings.

Match blank years option. When you enter a year search term, such as year of birth, your results will only include profiles that have a matching year. If you use this option it will also return profile match's that have blank information for the years field.

 Tree Hot Match's
 As you navigate around your tree you will see a magnifying glass icon indicating the number of potential matches on any profile. Click the icon to view the similar profiles.

  • Use the "Remove match" link to move a profile that does not match to the new "Removed Matches" tab
  • Deceased matches include a link to collaborate with the manager or an indication if you are already collaborating
  • Update to Tree Hot Matching:  A profile will be considered a match only if it has at least one immediate family in common (by name). Most often this will be the name of a parent, but could also be spouse, sibling or child.

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