Relatives on Geni!

About two days ago I got an email from, stating someone wanted to be a collaborator.  His name was Ida and he gave a brief reason why he would like to collaborate.  Not really knowing to much about this side of the family, I was hesitant at first, but I did a little looking into, and I believed he was correct in stating we maybe relatives. 

I gave the go ahead in

Now you have to be a PRO user to be a collaborator, but I wanted to see what he was able to provide.  After logging in I noticed I had something of 20 merge conflicts that I had to fix.  After fixing the initial merge issue's it was looking good.  I went from a Tree of say 1200 folks on Geni, to be connected to about 14,000 I believe is the number now. 

As the tree grows with more collaborators, I will get to meet new people.  Now this does not help in the fact that I have no source information currently, but it does bring new photo's to the mix.   The only issue I see right now is how to get all this new information for that family line back down to my offline program.  It doesn't make to much sense to move back and forth between and an offline program, there has to be an easier way.

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