May updates to

Simplified Location Editing has taken advantage of the Google Maps API  to help you find the exact location you are entering, its the end of drop down menus.  It will auto suggest as you start typing in your location.

Possible Relatives

Possible Relatives helps you find relatives to connect with on Geni. We'll use your existing relationships to find relatives that aren't in your Family Group.

Recent Photos

If you are interested to see what family members have added photo's recently, look no futher then the Recent Photo's option.  It will allow you to browse the 200 newest photos.

Collaboration  (PRO ONLY)

With collaboration in mind, Geni has taken a step forward to allow users to collaborate on profiles. When you find a profile that you'd like to collaborate on, you can send the manager a request to collaborate:

If the manager accepts your request, you will be able to:

* View and edit the unclaimed profiles they manage
* Merge duplicate profiles together
* Correct relationships in the tree

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