14 Day Free Trial Everywhere

As I was wandering around the web I started to notice that almost every pay site is offering free trials. What I dont understand is how they all are using what I am gathering is the standard 14 day free trial. What happened to the 30 day free trials for services? Who came up with this new standard that 14 days is enough time to test a system out. I was fine with the 30 days, and would like to go back to that standard.

I was curious and wanted to sign up for Geni for a free trial, yep 14 days. Dynastree you guessed it 14 days. I even think Ancestry.com is now 14 days for thier trials.

One thing I dont like is the requirement for a credit card. I will forget that I put this information in and will be charged for the full month's price. How hard is it for the companies to have real 14 day risk free trials were its not dependant on you calling or going on line to cancel the free trial. I bet more people would be inclined to sign up for these services. I am guessing though that they must make some profilt over forgetfull people, but thats only a guess.

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