Lackawanna Land Deeds

So Lackawanna County has the land deeds available online for at least 200 years I think, the problem its only indexed to 1970.  To go back farther you have to use books and pages, which means you need to know this before hand.  I guess I could wait till its indexed further back because right now I know majority of my families do not live in that area anymore.

I have some address's from 1930 census.  I was thinking I could try and use the white pages to see who live there now, or at least in the past few years.  And then go back to the site and use that name, and then back track through the books and pages.  

I tried it from one address that I have from the 1920 census, which now looks to be a apartment building or a business complex.  So that did not go over to well.    If anyone has any ideas the address is 215 Wyoming Ave, Dunmore PA.  The website for the deeds is  This was for my Great Great Grandfather Andrew Decker.  I was hoping I could find info on where he lived, and how he got the land, maybe see his parents name since I dont know this.

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