Spotlight on Family: George H. Jackson

Continuing with the Jackson theme this week I guess I will be spotlighting my paternal second great grandfather George H. Jackson.  He was born April 25, 1845 in Luzerne PA to William Jackson and Sabra Mead Jackson.

George was the second born of seven children to William and Sabra Jackson.  George's siblings were Edith, Ann, Emma, Joseph, Malinda, and Martha.

I think that George was also in the Civil War but all I have is an index car, never went any further on this and not sure how to go any further.  He would be about 19 at the of enlistment just like the card said, and it was in PA.  Like I said not much to go on here but you never know.

On January 1, 1866 George H Jackson married Elizabeth Maines (possible parents are Catherine Swingle and Peter Maines).  I wish I had a copy of the marriage certificate, but it happened earlier than what is recorded at the Scranton Courthouse.

On November 6, 1866 their first child Joseph Lee Jackson was born in Luzerne, Pa, followed about 3 years later by thier second son Clarence on Dec 28, 1869.  The last to arrive was Maud Malinda Jackson on March 28, 1875.

According to the Cencus for 1880 George and Elizabeth lived in Plymouth, Luzerne, PA and his occupation was that of a blacksmith.  I don't know where he worked as a blacksmith unfortunately.

By 1900 George and Elizabeth had moved to Jefferson, PA. In the 1900 Census they also have a boarder named Edward Coss, not sure if he somehow fits into the family, will have to double check all this. On June 30, 1905 Elizabeth Jackson passed away.

On November 23, 1909 George married Eva Stiles somewhere in PA and according to the 1910 census he  living in Jefferson Township, PA.  According to census reports they list his occupation now as a farmer.

George and Eva Jackson Marriage

George passed away on December 14, 1916  in either Jefferson or Dumore, Lackawanna PA.  The Jackson's have a plot at the Dunmore Cemetery and that is where George, Elizabeth and Eva are buried. George's Obituary was posted in the Scranton Times in 1916 and I posted it yesterday for my Obituary Sunday posts.

He also wrote a will which I found at the Lackawanna Courthouse/Electric Building in Scranton, PA.  THe will is posted over at Scribd.

Will - George H Jackson

A picture of his tombstone is below.  I do not beleive that we have any photo's of George while he was alive.

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