Spotlight Saturday: Adam Max Hopfengartner (a day late)

Adam Max Hopfengartner was born December 25, 1842 in Nuremberg, Germany to Lorenz and Maria Zacker Hopfengartner. According to reports the family was considered rich at the time of birth. At this time I do not know if Adam had any brothers or sisters, according to the FamilySearch website I was only able to locate a marriage certificate for Adam that named his parents.

Early Life
Adam Max Hopfengartner left his home early in life to learn a trade. He studied at the Bavarian mill Maxhütte Haidorfu aand worked his way up to foreman, ultimatly he was considered an expert with Iron.


As stated earlier Adam Max was considered an expert in iron, but he was also an entrapanuer and wanted to own his own business. In 1874 he met Henry Strousberg Bethel, also known as "Railway King" and was offered a job. He became the head of the mill Strousbergovy Dobřív and steelworks in Borek.

In 1885 he started a new plant in pigeons and Strasice Dobriv called Zbiroh Machinery. In 1912 the company renamed itself to Max Hopfengärtner Zbiroh Engineering Works. By 1918 he had passed away and his son Adolf and son-in-law Franz Bartosch took over control of the company.


Adam Max Hopefengartner was awarded the Order of Franz Joseph

Adam Max married Wilhelmine Huettemann the daughter of Heinrich Wilhelm Adolf Huettemann and Catharine Caroline Worch on 30 May 1871 in Evangelisch,Aplerbeck,Westfalen,Prussia.  FamilySearch Certificate Info

Adam and Wilhelmine lived in a mansion called Villa Hopfengartner in Holoubkov.  The site is now a nursing home for the elderly.

They had eight children listed below: 

Gustav Adolf Hopfengartner (b. Dec 11 1871) married Maria-Katharina (unknown last name)
Karoline Hopfengartner (b. Jun 30 1874) married Karl Von Scholz ( Edler von Rerancze)
Kunigunde Hopfengarnter (b. Sep 15 1875) married Franz Maczek (Edler Von Vierivehr)
Agatha Hopfengartner (b. Feb 6 1880) married Franz Bartosch
Mathilda Hopfengartner (b. May 16 1882) married Eduard Goerk
Wilhalmine Hopfengartner (b. Aug 26 1884) married Karl Springer
Maria Hopfengartner (b. Dec 25 1886) married Joseph Muhlig
Margarethe Hopfengartner (b. Mar 15 1890) married Anton Muhlig

Maria and Margareth Hopfengartner married into the Muhlig family known for thier glassworking.   Adolf and brother in law Franz Bartosch took over the company when Adolf's father Adam Max passed away.  

I also found this on a site (a share certificate)

Adam Max Hopfengartner passed away on October 25, 1918 in Holoubkov.  My gram was born in 1927 so she never got to meet Adam Max Hopfengartner.

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