Today I was searching for my KONDRC family online when I stumbled upon RODOKMEN.COM.  After  I got on the site I did a little more digging and I was able to find one of my KONDRC's  (Cecilia Kondrc-NUN) to be exact.

So here I am thinking this is great, click here, click there.  Wait it cost's 3 baby's to buy any info.  Hmm not sure what 3 baby's are, that's what I get for using Google Translate.   Now don't get me wrong I don't mind spending money on research I just want to make sure it is worth it.

I have never heard of this site before, and on top of that I believe the only way to pay is through a bank transfer.  Now if they allowed Paypal, or something of that nature I would have dropped the 3 babies or whatever it costs (if that is cheap of course) just to get a feel for it.

There is also Pedigree's that are available but they dont provide to much information that I can see.  I was able to find the person who added in the KONDRC's on the website so I sent them a message through the site.  I hope to hear from them soon, and maybe figure out something about this website.

If anyone knows anything about the site please let me know.

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