Help Needed: Trying to figure out surnames.


I have a few pictures that I took of Microfilm today and I am trying to figure out the surname of the wife of my KONDRC family.  I see the wife's name is Eva, guessing her father is Joannis, and her surname from what I can get is Vocablik anyone else have a better idea?   Once again this is for Slovakia in case that matters, and they are written in Latin.  

Here is another with Eva on it:

And now here is my second name that I am trying to figure out.  Her first name is Catherine, possible Urdan as the surname?

Last one is Anna, and believe the surname is Seasznovics.  Again anyone know any better?

Hopefully someone might be able to help so I know what to look for next in my list of ever expanding surnames in Slovakia.    My list of KONDRC's for 1780-1890 is now 225 names or so.   Will soon have to try and break it down and see which lines I fall under.

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