New Ancestry: Not for basic account holders

The other day Randy posted an article about the New Ancestry.  I currently have a basic account at, thanks to the NAVY.  The NAVY has Ancestry Library account that all service members are able to use.  But back on topic here.

I saw in Randy's post how the new Ancestry looked and I wanted to take it for a spin, so I jumped over to, logged in with my basic account.  So far so good. Login Screen
Ok so everything looks correct, select the New Ancestry just like Randy says: 

New Ancestry
Yes, still on course here, I notice in the top right that it does say subscribe but hey lets keep going.  It shows that I am still logged into  After selecting TRY IT NOW, this shows up:

Unless I am doing something wrong I would guess that the new Ancestry is for paying customers only.  You really can't complain when you have a free account, but I wanted to make sure other knew that you can not get the new Ancestry on the basic account.   If I am doing something wrong please let me know.


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