My Family Health Portrait

Today I spent a little more time on my medical family history.  After searcing I cam to the site:  My Family Health Portrait.  It provides a basic setup of yourself, and then asks for your parents, thier parents, your siblings, and your children if you have any.
As a starting point it provides auto tracking of five common disease's.  Heart Disease, Colon Cancer, Stroke, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, and Ovarian Cancer.

You also have the ability to add other disease's that can be monitored.  Say you have relatives with Bipolar, or alot who have passed from Liver Cancer, just add the disease, and connect it by drop down to the right person. 

This website will draw an impromptu family tree, with markings for certain disease's that you are tracking, it also provides a simple spreadsheet with all the disease's you are tracking making it easy to read, and having the possibilty of bringing it to your next check-up. 

Is there options in Family Tree Maker, or Family Tree Builder, or any of the other genealogy software out there that provides a good medical family history tracking.  I believe you can put in the information on most GEDCOM, but I wonder if any provide "tracking". 

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