Toomey's of Iowa

After I received the wills from my parents I found out that Lawrence had a brother in Iowa, so off to Ancestry to do some searching.  Well what do you know, there are two Peter Toomey's in Iowa during that time period (1900).  And to make things even better they are related to each other, as father/son.  Can't get any better then that right?
Well to stack the cards in the right direction they happened to have a son outside of Iowa, in all places Scranton, PA.  That's where the rest of my Toomey family is from, hmm might be a connection.  I jotted down all the information that I could find, a couple of SSN's, and branched out as much of the family names as I could find.  I believe that I may have found Peter's wifes maiden name from an army enlistment for one of his sons.
Now I need to get to see some of the newspaper's from that area to get the nitty gritty information, to bad GenealogyBank, and NewspaperArchive have not made it that far yet.  I will have to search and see what I can find for online newspapers available.

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