Kondrc found in the 1930 Census

I have been searching for a long time for my KONDRC line in the census, and was never able to actually find them with the name KONDRC.  I did however find them with the name KONDRIS in the 1930 Census.  I dont believe that I have found them before this way.  I am currently at work, but it also looks like I may have found that one of the daughters moved out and lived down the street.

Currently its hard to tell becuase I cant actually look at the documents right now becuase the flash player on this computer is to old and I cannot update it due to restrictions. 

Either way this is great news for me.  Hopefully it will lead to more connections, now if I could get a birds eye view of the cemetery over there.  Considering its in PA, and I live in San Diego that will be kind of hard.

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