I have been hearing so many good things about FindAGrave, but I never got around to viewing the site.  I just never thought they would have anything good listed on there.  Today while searching on Footnote, I decided to jump over to Google and type Delores Toomey Iowa, and something popped up for FindAGrave.

I decided to give it a try, and first it looked like the names might not be a match, but after more research I found multiple names in Iowa for the Toomey line (that is mostly from Scranton, PA).  So I connected the dots for about 20 names in far out cousins and what not.  Gathered about 50 new photos, tombstones, and obits.  Was not on a main line in the family, but hey every little bit counts.

Now that I found a use for FindAGrave, I am trying to hit it hard with names in many of the area, you never know what you may find.  Maybe just a name, or a picture, but it could be anything that can take me one step closer to having my next brick wall :).  I am always looking at the positive side of things out here.

Hope everyone else is having a great day.  In the meantime I am going to skip out on Wordless Wensdays, I have a few photo's that I want to scan from my grandfather while he was in the military.

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