Which online service do you use?

These days there are so many option to use for online genealogy. There is Ancestry, WorldVitalRecords, Genealogybank, Footnote, rootsweb, and that is just naming the real big ones. I am sure that I am missing other ones.
I have mainly used Ancestry, but am starting to wonder if the others are better, I know they are cheaper, but that does not always mean that they will be helpful. I have used Footnote with some good results, 5 images that I can use. But that's it for Footnote that I can find right now.
Genealogybank - 19.95 per month. I think there I have found about 6 articles right now, I know for a year its 70$. I may get that for my birthday coming up.
Well I would like to know what other people are using out there. Also if anyone would like some Footnote lookups, leave a comment here.

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