Why Do You Do Genealogy?

While checking my daily websites on all things genealogy, I came upon a post by Randy at Geneamusings, asking why do we do genealogy.  Now he was not the originator of this question, he was just bringing it out for more folks to see. 

It was originally posted over at Western Kentucky Genealogy, stating that is hard to give a one word answer to this question.  

Why do I do Genealogy:

1.  To know as much about our family past, to possibly prepare for the future.  
2.  So other family members might enjoy hearing about thier family.
3.  For my Children.

I know these are basic anwsers, but these are pretty much the reasons that I continue to do genealogy, that and its become an obsession, I guess its better then smoking?  Can't really say it's cheaper though.

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