Today I finally bit the bullet and cancelled my membership, mind you I only had the US. World Deluxe at 29.95$ a month,  in retrospect I should have probally gotten a annual subscription, because I forgot about the account for about 3 months.

Now that I can acess through NKO, or through the FHC's or even at a library I can still do pretty much what I was already paying to do for free.  At the FHC I will have better access, while at home through NKO it will be pretty much the same access that I have always had, just not the ability to save to a shoebox, not a big deal.  Another reason I cancelled the account was that I will probally have really slow internet access for the next year, and it would go to waste better to save my 30$ a month.

It only took about 30 minutes to cancel, tried about 5 times through the internet to no avail.  Which lead me to the phone.  The customer service rep was helpful, and curtious.  It only took about 5 minutes on the phone to have the account cancelled. 

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