New Photo's

Today there was a great surprise in the mail.  One of my relatives was able to find one of the old photo albums and made about 10 copies of family members.  I finally have some real good pictures of my great grandfather, great grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, and everything in between.  All the photo's were taken at the house 918 E. Drinker Street, Dunmore, PA.  It even shows the house in one or two photo's.  The house was torn down to make way for an interstate some years back, so this is the first chance that I have been able to see the house.  I have all this paperwork about the house, just had no photo's. Once I can get to my scanner, I will be able to post them, and add the to my GEDCOM.

He even mentioned that he thought that he might have a second album and that he will continue to look for that one also.  Its always great to get presents in the mail.

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