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     I just popped over to the Geni.com forums to see whats new.  I like Geni.com because of how easy it is for family members close and far to come together and work on a family tree.  Sure there are some limitations, and hurdles to cross, but in the long run its a good place to visit.
    Today I noticed a post about DNA on Geni, and well I will just post the forum post, and let everyone else ponder this in their own ways.

What would you like to see in a DNA feature on Geni?
We've been talking about this recently here at Geni, and
 are considering the following:

- anthropological data (migration maps, haplogroups)
- unusual traits/factoids (sprinter gene, alcohol flush, etc.)
- genetic genealogy (focusing on ~8 generations and closer)
- matching to others who have taken DNA tests and opted to be contacted
- comparing your traits to others who are sharing their tests
- health implications (likelihood of certain diseases)

Users would indicate with whom they'd share particular test results.

If you have taken a DNA test before, I'd like to hear about your experience. Did you find the results easy to interpret? Which parts were most interesting to you? Was cost a factor in deciding how you got tested? Is there anything you think should be excluded from a DNA feature on Geni?

There are quite a few test companies out there, each offering their own menu of tests. Given everything that's available, we'd like to design a cost-effective feature that allows the most people to participate, and understand the results -- together with their relatives, if they wish.

It looks like everyone is trying to get their foot in the door on the DNA craze for genealogy, lets see how this will pan out, hope they will do well.

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