My Family Tree database updates

Over the weekend I was able to get add about 10 new names to my tree, and to  I was also able to connect with two cousins that I have not talked to in probally 5 years, maybe more, hopefully they will be able to provide me with more information and pictures from thier side of the family.  Here is the new names that I have added this weekend in case anyone else is searching for these names.  A reminder most of my research is in the Dunmore/Scranton area for these names:

Patrick Berry and wife Ellen Mulrain
Patrick Berry and wife Mary Coyle
William Mulrain and wife Margaret
Martin Francis Mckenna and wife Margaret Ferguson
Agnes Mckenna (updated stuff from Land Deeds/SSDI)
Lillian Mckenna (updated stuff from Land Deeds/SSDI)
William Mckenna
Mary Mckenna and her husband Edward Berry
Anna Mckenna and her husband Henry Rorick
Florence Berry
Albert Berry
Gladys Berry and her husband Anthony McAndrew
Paul Berry

Also one of my relatives I  recently got in contact with is active on Geni updating and correcting information in her part of the tree.  After this I can go and update the master file.  Another member on Geni asked to collaborate on another part of my tree, so this is also good. I am currently sitting at 1498 names, and I know its not a numbers game but it does feel good to pass  certain milestones. 

Now I will be putting away some money to order SSDI's and collecting information about marrige and wills to send my parents over to Scranton to do some research.   I will be so happy the day everything is online (basically because of the time and money it takes to actually go to the place's)  I would love to be able to do everything at the source, but with work and money its not really feasible. 

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