1500 and growing

I know its not a numbers game, but it does feel good to hit some mark.  I wish I can say with 100% that everything is correct, but like everything this is a work in progress.  Today I added the name that brought me over to 1500.  Her name is Nina Schulman, and she passed away in 2008.  She is not a direct relative of mine, as my tree has spread many many branch's since I started it so many years ago.

I really wish I had the extra money to get all the "unknown" verification by birth/death/marriage certificates, or even traveling to the locations to get the photo's of the graves, or whatever for that final piece.  Today I also downloaded a few forms from the CRT (Claims Resolution Tribunal).

Of course they have to make it hard and have almost everyone's names redacted in the documents, but it gave me some more information to connect some dots and fill in other little bits of information.  I have some names of people that I wonder are alive, and also wonder if they have copies of all these documents that they showed to the CRT.  That would be really fantastic if they did.  I can't get my hopes up to high because I don't really know anything about them.

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