Brick Wall: Hannah Teal Decker

I am trying to get past my brick wall for the Decker's line.  Currently I am trying to find the parents of Hannah Teal.  Here is the information that I have gathered so far.

Name:  Hannah Teal
Birth: 1809 (based of census reports) - not 100% accurate of course.
Place of birth: PA (according to census)
Marriage:  1826 Mar 31 according to newspaper article (do a search for teal).
Spouse:  Andrew Decker (he died in/around 1855)

I believe she passed after 1902, because of I have found some newspapers referencing Mrs Andrew Decker/Hannah Decker around 1901, 1902 online at Chronicling America for the Scranton Times.

Anyone who might be able to steer me into the right direction please leave comments below.

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