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Looks like has made some new changes to the website. I am waiting to see the new layouts to see what is new on there, as I am not one of the chosen few to test them out. Not a big deal, I just like seeing new things.   Most of these look like just little things that should not affect the general user, but its still good to know these things.

  • You can now leave public guestbook comments for users outside your Family group
  • Power users (does this mean PRO, or is it referring to Curators) active in merging the big tree, we've made it easier to remove incorrect relationships from profiles. You'll notice checkboxes next to each relationship in the relationship list. 
  • Testing a new profile layout with some users.
  • Use the new change birth order option in the more menu on tree nodes to quickly change the birth order for a profile and all of it siblings.
  • You can now edit the metadata of public documents owned by your collaborators.
  • The immediate family on compare profiles pages are now alpha sorted.
  • The time stamp on individual discussion posts is now a link directly to that post. This makes it easier to share specific posts with others.

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