I think I love Family Search.

After seeing all the posts about FamilySearch for the past few days I decided to check it out again.  I have not really had much luck on their site till today.  I did a search for MACZEK, not really finding anything I decided to try Hopfengartner.

Well I found the marriage certificate for the oldest in my line.  The first one I found just gave marriage date, but then I saw a duplicate for the same person.  I also found out his name is Adam Max Hopfengartner even though I have him as just Max.

Well in the second one it showed both parents full names.  I think the parents were probably born around 1815-1820 based off the ages of the children being born around 1840.  Like I said rough estimates but I am happy right now.  Well back to the site.  Wish me luck.

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