API introduced at Geni.com

Today Geni.com released the first version of thier API.  Geni has had the API in alpha testing for about a month now and believe it ready for prime time.  The API allows Geni users to create third-party tools and applications that can interact with the data that Geni stores.

To be able to use the API, you first must goto http://www.geni.com/apps to register your application.

Documentation for the API can be found at http://dev.geni.com.  This version of the API allows for interaction with Geni Profiles (including some merge features) and Geni Projects.  Additionally follow the Geni API Project to participate in conversations about the API and to receive updates as we release new features.

Over at Tamura Jones’ website there is posted some more documentation about  the API here and here.  Personally I dont get into programming so I don't know much about this, but I believe we will see some interesting applications pop up from the hard core Geni users, and I am waiting patiently for them.

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