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I was playing around with my settings and noticed something called Obituary Hunter.  I have never heard of this or seen any other posts in reference to this.

It is located under My Alerts under the username tab on the top right of the page.   Once you click My Alerts its at the bottom of the page.

Currently I have only setup 1 Obituary Hunter as a test since I have never used it before.
Below is how you setup you Obituary Hunter, I chose to only use a last name for my initial one.

Since the surname is not common KONDRC I figured I would let it search only for the surname.  If you have a more common surname you can narrow it down to Locations/Other People Mentioned, or even specific newspapers.

I am not sure how good this service will be, and if I do get any hits on this then I will revisit this with a new post.  I already have a few of the KONDRC obits from PA, so let's see if this service finds them.

If anyone has used this before and has any good/bad information on this please let me know.

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