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I think I started my initial descent into genealogy in around 2001 with the first assumption that we are related to StoneWall Jackson.  Well let's say seven/eight years later, I still cannot tie the family to him, we do have Jackson's but they are from Dunmore, PA.  After that I "learned" it was actually Andrew Jackson the president, well I took that with a grain of salt.  Still can't get that one either, along the way I found great things, and some not so great things, but I think that's the nature of the beast when you are creating a family history.  I believe every family probally has a black sheep or two, maybe a felon, or worse (if there is worse).  But there is also the great finds of families, people who stood up against opposition. 
I don't know where  I am going with my Family History, I branch out so much, and want to add more and more on a daily basis.  It used to be I just wanted to know the 5 W's.  Now I want to know intricate detail about the family medical history, and maybe even go into DNA.

As for my brightest work, I don't really have that many to go off of as I just really started, but this one
PA Dunmore 1900 Census by Street (Excel) is the one I would pick right now.  It started as just a way for me to find street names easier in the Ancestry Database for Dunmore, PA.  Now I have started with the Scranton, PA area (Both sides of my family are all throughout PA.  

As for my breezy article, right now I would believe that this is the one Lightning Strikes.  One of my ancestors was struck by lightning and passed, I know it does not sound to breezy, its just amazing to learn about these things.

As for my most beautiful, it would be Maczek Crest, this is about the great great grandfather's crest, presented to him in 1918.

Being that this is a new blog, how is everyone's initial impressions, anything that I could do different?  Anything anyone would like to see more of?  As for advice for anyone else, I would say its always best to write what matter's most to you, and a little bit of "general news" is always good to.  You never know when something you publish will help out a fellow genealogist.

Thank you everyone for your time.

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