New DNA Testing Company on Facebook

Today I was over at Genealem's Genetic Genealogy and saw her new post about DNA Testing on Facebook, and thought it should be spread to as many people as possible.  The original author gives full permissions  to use the post/email as needed to get the word out. 
In short  after reading the post, its states that they company FamilyBuilder will test your DNA at an unnamed testing lab, and basically do what they want with it after they provide you with your results:

Quick Snippit: 

We may also sell, rent or otherwise disclose the anonymized DNA analyses of our customers and any related anonymized studies to third parties.

Now the DNA maybe anonymized, I still do not like the idea of this at all.  Further on in the post it goes over thier privacy policy, and how they will not/cannot be held liable for anything that happens to your DNA results.  Kind of scary. 

Like they recommend there, I will say it here, if you are stepping into DNA Genealogy go with a reputable company.  
Here is the link to the original post:   New DNA Testing Company on Facebook

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