Beta Tree Interface -

While I was browsing the forums, I noticed a new post about a Beta Tree Interface.  Below is the main information from the post:

The new interface parses the tree data much faster and is more responsive, particularly when navigating large trees.
Changes you might notice:
  • Speed improvements
  • Fixed sluggishness after extended usage
  • Edit card is almost identical to the edit profile page and follows same interface conventions
  • Merge interface is better at handling errors
  • Improved name pre-population and tabbing on add node form
  • Print preview is more responsive (and you can print your tree slightly larger)
I have only a little time to test it out, and my broadband speeds are pretty pathetic out here.  I see a few changes, but like they state its mostly under the hood changes.  In the next few days I will try and provide updates to the Beta Interface on what I see is new, better, or worse. 

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