prompted me

Today as I was looking over announcements on my home page I saw the birthday notices.  I decided that I will start using the birthday notices to single out names in my tree and do research on them.  Its sort of a birthday present I guess for them if you look at it this way. 

Well todays names brought me a few new names into my database, verified through obituaries.  And even better I was able to get a hold of my second cousin twice removed via email.  She is 84 years old, so it great that she has an email address and checks it. 

I did not expect to get an email back so quickly, but in less then one hour from sending the email I recieved a reply and confirmation that we are related.  She even knows my grandmother, and spent time with her.  I hope to be able to hear many stories about her life coming over to America, and maybe even get to see some photo's also.

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