Spotlight on Family: Steve Kondrc

Steve Kondrc was born Nov 26 1881 in Brestovany, Slovakia  and according to his SS-5 form his parents were Michael Kondrc and Maria Koricina.

I believe that he filed for or received his passport in 1906, not exactly sure at what point but below is a picture of the passport, and body who can figure out some of the stuff on it feel free to post a comment.


 At the age of about 25 he left the Slovakia through Antwerp, Germany on the ship S.S. Mount Temple on March 20th 1906.  The ship arrived in St. John, Newfoundland on April 1, 1906.    From there he took a train and arrived in Calais, Maine.  The first real record of him in the United States is from the 1920 Census in Charleroi, PA.

Steve married Anna Benjak on Feb 8, 1908 in Charleroi, Pa.


He declared his intentions to become a citizen in Pittsburgh, Pa on Oct 12, 1914.  On the copy it shows that his first daughter Mary was born in 1908 in Charleroi, Pa.  I should be able to find them at their address listed in the Census, and the Declaration of Intentions, but I still have not been able to do this.  March 30, 1920 Steve Kondrc was made a citizen of the United States of America.

His first daughter Mary was born Dec 13, 1908.  Sept 23, 1910 Rosie Kondrc was born, followed by Stephie on Jan 26, 1913.  Next was Anna Kondrc born on Feb 14, 1915.  Last was my grandfather Frank who was born on April 18, 1919.

I have also collected his WWI, and WWII draft forms, which provide a little bit more information on his life.  Steve worked at the Pittsburg Plate and Glass Company otherwise known as PPG.


Probably around 1920-1930's the Kondrc's moved from Charleroi, PA to Ford City, PA.  I don't have any exact date at this time, but I continue to try and research this.

Steve Kondrc passed away Sept 2, 1958 and is buried  Holy Trinity Cemetery, Kittaning, PA.


Now the above states that Sister Cecilia was a sister of his, but I am believe that they were actually cousins from talking with multiple family members.  I guess we will see one of these days, until then I do not have them listed as brother and sister.

Below is a rough timeline for Steve Kondrc.

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