Anastasia Toomey is in Cathedral Cemetery but where?

I contacted Cathedral Cemetery today and found the following information.

1.  Anastasia Toomey was buried in Cathedral Cemetery in 1911 but no record of where.
2.  Her husband bought a lot on Sept 17, 1896 but no location recorder.
3.  Anastasia bought a lot for a Ralph Scano (I dont know who this is)

So where does this bring me.  I know that the other Toomey's have a plot of land at the Cathedral Cemetery.  And that possibly both Peter and Anastasia are buried there also but I dont know where.

What would be the next step?  As I live across the country, and the cemetery is kind of big.  I could ask folks but what would be the next best thing to try  and tackle this.  I know that there is the possbility that the grave had no marker also.

I know one of the next steps will be to find out who Ralph Scano is.

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