Lorenz Hopfengartner Update 2

So I was doing a little more digging and found a Public Tree on Ancestry.com referencing a Lorenz Hopfengartner and Maria Zacker (same line as mine).  But I don't have an Ancestry.com subscription.  I used Ancestry Library through the military.

Ancestry Library does not provide access to the Public Tree's, so I sent out a couple of requests on Twitter and Google+ asking for help in looking at this tree.

About 30 minutes after I made the post on Google+ I got a response back from Carol Stevens giving me a suggestion and also offering to help look at the tree for me.

She responded about 10 minutes later with some information but nothing that I didn't already have in my tree.  I was hoping that I might have found someone else doing research on the same branch of my family (Hopfengartner).  So that turned out to be a dead end, but I was sure thankful for the quick turn around by Carol.

Second I made a post over on Ancestry.com about looking up military records for Nuremberg, Germany in 1840-1860 time frame.  I also received a response on this, but at the moment it actually brought more questions then answers to this.

First off I don't have a clue what religion they are, I would have assumed that they were Catholic, but the post responder said most likely Lutheran.   Next they asked which section/area of Nuremberg that my line was from.  All I know is that they were from Nuremberg.  I have nothing more at this time to go on.

I think I can order some microfilms from Family History Centers but it looks like a lot of them to try and figure out where my family was.  Maybe there are some cemeteries over there that I might be able to narrow down my search?

Running out of my known options, besides physically going there to Germany and looking around.

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