Review: FastFilm

For the past few days I have been searching record by record of the Brazil Civil Registration Death records in search of matches.  From what I can tell this have not been indexed yet, but there are plenty of images online to go through.

Searching each image online takes time, from loading the images, zooming in, moving to the next ect.  I started to Google ways to either reduce the image size so I can do quick looks at the images (I knew where on the image I needed to look), and current image loading time was taking a minute or so.  The other option was a way to have them loaded locally.

It was easy to find the Java app called FastFilm which is used to download image sets from FamilySearch.  I was able to download a batch of the record and search through about 100 of them in 2 minutes.  

I am not sure how FamilySearch feels about a program like this, but this could help tremendously in my searching by moving the files offline.  I have deleted the current image set that was downloaded earlier, and starting to look through the next batch.

It also creates a text file that you can use for your source citation, which at the moment for me I don't need unless I actually find a valid match in this.  Only about 1 million more images to view, we can hope to find a match.

I would recommend this program if you are doing image searching through batch's on FamilySearch as it is a lot quick offline then online, and its a very simple program to use.

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