Geni Updates 10/9/2008

Today made some updates to their system. 

Family News Filter Select the types of stories you see in your Family News with the new story-type filter. Want to only see upcoming birthday and anniversaries? You can do it. Just photos, videos, and gifts? Yep, no problem!

Video Your family videos on Geni now have date, location, and description fields. Photos also get the new description field.
Tree Preferences Use the new "Open profiles in new window" to keep your tree in one window while viewing and editing profiles in another browser window.
GEDCOM Import You can now import GEDCOM files with up to 50,000 records. Profiles that are over 125 years old in your GEDCOM will automatically be marked as deceased when imported, and we now expose place names imported from your GEDCOM.
Here are some minor updates, pulled for their forums:
  • Tag by Profile ID: you can now tag your photos using a profile ID. This will let you tag anyone in your Family's Family in a photo.
  • Connected Count: the connected count has returned to your home page, with a link to a page explaining the privacy groups on geni.
It looks like a good way forward for Geni but when does the tree merging become a reality?  If you use an off line system to update your family tree, the only way to update your Geni account that I know of right now is to create another account on Geni, not a great way in my opinion.  Hopefully they will get to that soon.  I will have to start playing with it, and see how it goes.  

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